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Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning installation provides discreet air conditioned comfort for the entire home and can be tailored to suit most new or existing homes. A Ducted Air Conditioning system consists of a separate indoor fan coil and outdoor condenser and flexible ducting. The indoor unit is concealed out of sight in the ceiling space or under the floor and the flexible ducting distributes cool or warm air through air vents located throughout your home. The separate outdoor condensing unit will be located externally the outside home.

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Energy Efficient

Our range of ducted systems are industry leaders in energy performance. The ducted systems have been engineered to deliver superior energy performance and design flexibility.

6 Year Warranty

Buy with confidence; Airlement's ‘6 Year Parts and Labour’ warranty provides worry free comfort for all air conditioners professionally installed in domestic environments within Australia, guaranteeing long-term commitment to your comfort.

Flexible Zoning Options

Ducted air conditioning installations provide flexibility to heat and cool every room in your home. With the ability to zone up to eight areas from one single control panel, you have the ability to control temperature within individual zones maximising energy efficiency and comfort.


Your home is an outward expression of who you are as a person. With a ducted air conditioner, there’s more space to express your individual sense of style. That’s because a ducted air conditioning system is far less visually intrusive than a split or multi-split system.

Property Value

Installing ducted air conditioning makes good financial sense if you’ve got plans to eventually put your home on the market. Ducted air conditioning’s more affordable than ever but it’s still regarded by many as a high-end or luxury item. For that reason, ducted air conditioning makes your property a more attractive option than a comparable property without it - especially in Australia with it's warm climate.

Consistent Climate

Ducted air conditioning gives you the ability to cool your whole house at the touch of a button. The central unit is positioned out of sight, often in the roof. Refrigerated air is pumped through a system of ducts to vents. For you, that translates to greater freedom throughout your home without having to open and close doors behind you as you go.

Airlement Ducted Airconditioning

Package Deal Pricing Guide

Single Room

$ 6,499

Supplied & Installed
  • 7.1KW Cool – 7.5KW Heat
  • Ducted Inverter Reverse-Cycle
  • 3-4 outlets
  • Suitable for bedrooms

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*All prices subject to site inspection & exclude GST.

Unit/Small House

$ 7,699

Supplied & Installed
  • 10KW Cool – 12.5KW Heat
  • Ducted Inverter Reverse-Cycle
  • 5-6 outlets
  • Suitable for a unit or small 3-4 bedroom house

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*All prices subject to site inspection & exclude GST.

Medium HouseMost Popular

$ 7,899

Supplied & Installed
  • 12.5KW Cool – 15KW Heat
  • Ducted Inverter Reverse-Cycle
  • 5-6 outlets
  • Suitable for medium 4 bedroom house

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*All prices subject to site inspection & exclude GST.

Large House

$ 8,899

Supplied & Installed
  • 16KW Cool – 18KW Heat
  • Ducted Inverter Reverse-Cycle
  • 8-10 outlets
  • Suitable for large 4-5 bedroom house

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*All prices subject to site inspection & exclude GST.

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